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You may recognize Ella Eyre from her work with Bastille, Naughty Boy and Tinie TempahJust 19 years old, the Londoner is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite vocalist to work with. But don’t think for one second that she doesn’t have the gravitas to be more than just the “ft.” at the end of song titles. She has an old voice. As in, “How the hell is that coming out of a 19 year old??” And yes, her voice is HUGE, but whats more impressive is the control. Take “All About You” for example. The ability to keep the smaller moments in the song subdued (yet still intense) make the big moments that much more dramatic. Stream “All About You” below.



And we’re back. It’s been a while since we’ve on a short little hiatus but its about time to get back into the swing of things.

what year is it


Good question, Bear. It’s 2014 and that means its time for a new wave of great music, new artists and mediocre blogging. Enter Fickle Friends. This UK based, new wave pop, five-piece’s new single “Swim” was one of the first things to pop up on my Soundcloud in the new year and its been on repeat ever since.  This song has a lot of groove. A subtle, yet catchy groove. The kind that after two minutes in, you’re involuntarily bobbing some part of your body.  Happy 2014, everyone. Looks like we’re off to a decent start. Stream “Swim” by Fickle Friends below.


“In a Spell” starts as a seemingly introspective and even morose ballad. But it sure doesn’t end that way. The new release from Liz Anjos’ (wife of our favorite RAC front man, Andre Allen Anjos) project, Pink Feathers, quickly turns on its heels and hits you right between the ears with some bright and uplifting instrumentation. Anjos’ work is admirable. Though she doesn’t have the kind of voice that will knock you completely off your feet, it does have a touch of sweetness and naiviety you could fall in love with. All of that innocence in the verses, contrasted with the audible shift to confidence and exuberance in the chorus, has me hoping that this is the first track of many to come from Anjos’ new project. Stream “In a Spell” below.



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Introduce yourself to Wet, a Brooklyn based outfit quickly becoming the talk of the town. Their latest single is a testament to that. “You’re The Best” truly is a work of art. If you’re not feeling anything by the end of it, you must be a robot. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything so haunting and chilling while being so uplifting at the same time. The electronically touched soulful vocals contrast with highlights of shimmering guitar riffs and harmonies. The interaction creates a symbiotic relationship between insecurity, uncertainty and contentment. Do you think that’s what they were going for? “All I know is/ when you hold me/ I still feel lonely/ lonely when you hold me.” Stream “You’re The Best” below and be sure to listen to their self-titled EP, Wet, which dropped earlier this week.


Holy funk. Has anyone else noticed that disco is sneaky trying to make a comeback? I don’t hate it. One of the bands that appears to be leading that charge is Jakübi. After turning heads a few months ago with their first two equally groovy singles, the Australian five piece is back at it with their new track “Feels Like Yesterday.” Starting out with stripped down piano and raspy vocals, it quickly bursts into a barn burning dance cluster funk. And that bass. Me oh my, someone throw me some bell-bottoms and point me to the nearest disco. Stream “Feels Like Yesterday” below.



I’m not sure that I would be able to cut it in California. Just sunshine and rainbows 24/7. The people of Boston are happy enough, but if you get too happy someone will cut you off in traffic to cut you down to size a bit. Keeps you honest. That being said, I’m all over French Horn Rebellion‘s new track, “Caaalifornia (Feat. Ghost Beach).” Truth be told, I have zero idea of whats going on during the verses on this one besides some guy slappin’ da heck outta da bass. But every time that chorus rolls around I can’t help but shamelessly belt CAAALIFORNIA as if I’m cruising down the highway in a 1969 Buick Skylark convertible with Britney Spears in Crossroads.  This is a good one for all of you desperately in denial that summer is over. Stream “Caaalifornia (Feat. Ghost Beach) by French Horn Rebellion below.


Well this is cool. Introduce yourself to Swedish pop artist, Mapei and her new track “Don’t Wait.” About thirty seconds into this one, it becomes quite clear that Mapei doesn’t subscribe to any one particular style. A dash of tribal dance, a sprinkling of R&B and soul, a pinch of electronic and you have quite the musical smorgasbord. A Swedish smorgasbord?

Sorry, couldn’t resist. Bork bork bork.

Mapei’s powerhouse pipes paired with all the other elements mentioned above create a fresh offering that keeps your ears at attention. The description on her Soundcloud and Facebook pages says it better than I ever could: “Mapei brings palpable soul and sonic versatility to a world where genre matters less and less.” Stream “Don’t Wait” below.