Monthly Archives: November 2013

Yup, you’ve got me. Introduce yourselves to Meadowlark. The folk outfit is headed up by YouTube famous Welsh singer-songwriter, Kate McGill. But if her band’s newest release, “I’ve Got You” is any indication, she’s on to bigger and better things. All around, Meadowlark’s sound and McGill’s raw talent just ooze that “feel good” attitude. Their sound is a strange but brilliant combination of ethereal-folkiness ala Fleet Foxes and the snappiness you would see out of The Shins. Stream “I’ve Got You” below.





“In a Spell” starts as a seemingly introspective and even morose ballad. But it sure doesn’t end that way. The new release from Liz Anjos’ (wife of our favorite RAC front man, Andre Allen Anjos) project, Pink Feathers, quickly turns on its heels and hits you right between the ears with some bright and uplifting instrumentation. Anjos’ work is admirable. Though she doesn’t have the kind of voice that will knock you completely off your feet, it does have a touch of sweetness and naiviety you could fall in love with. All of that innocence in the verses, contrasted with the audible shift to confidence and exuberance in the chorus, has me hoping that this is the first track of many to come from Anjos’ new project. Stream “In a Spell” below.



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Art for art’s sake. For all those that opted out of high school Latin class, that’s what ars gratia artis translates to. It’s the idea that true art doesn’t serve any outward purpose and is disconnected from any external agenda. The value of art manifests itself intrinsically in the artist’s realization of the work and in his or her self-motivation. The liberal arts student in me is beaming. That brings us to this offering from Orange County hip-hop artist, CJ Trillo and aussie folk-dream, St. South. The song backs up the philosophy for which it’s named. It severs itself from the idea that music is about record deals, it’s ultimately a reflection of the soul.

“This is ars/ this is trill/ this is heavy, this is me/ This is how my soul responds when its questioned by the beat.”

What just happened there? Things just got way too deep for me. I don’t know, it’s a rainy day here in Boston. Sit back, relax, and stream “Ars Gratia Artis (feat St. South) by CJ Trillo below.



P.S. Listen to CJ Trillo’s new mixtape, Volume 1: Nostalgia here.