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RACheaderI love RAC with the passion of a thousand burning suns. If you aren’t caught up with the work of Andre Allen Anjos, the driving force behind RAC (Remix Artists Collective), then I suggest you familiarize yourself. His mixing work is just plain impeccable. He’s not putting out the club banger remixes that you might be used to, instead he offers fresh and unique takes on songs revolving more around solid groove than driving bass. Just as impressive as his technique is his song choice, working mostly with up and coming indie artists/bands. However, his latest release “Let Go” is an original single (featuring Kele and MNDR) that will be featured on his new EP, Don’t Talk To. It has all the same elements that made me fall in love with his mixes: groovy bass line, light hearted and uplifting percussion, all perfectly completed by an impossibly catchy hook. Stream “Let Go (ft. Kele & MNDR)” below. The EP drops this fall on October 14th. I’m giggling like a little school girl just thinking about it.

P.S. There really are too many to put in one blog, but here are some of my favorite mixes from RAC. The re-creation of Ella Fitzgerald’s “Too Darn Hot,” is a testament to Anjos’ range and creativity. Enjoy.

“Sail Into the Sun”- Gentlemen Hall (RAC Mix)

“Rescue Song”- Mr. Little Jeans (RAC Mix)

“Too Darn Hot”- Ella Fitzgerald (RAC Mix)


the acid

I know literally nothing about The Acid. There’s nothing in the “About” section on their Facebook page other than “Nothing like the name.” They (he? she?) have a twitter, but they have 27 followers and haven’t tweeted once. All I know is that I love their brand new self-titled EP. The Acid shows a range of musicality throughout the four tracks on the EP along the lines of some of the major talent seen in the world of transcendental electronic hip-hop (read: the xx, Purity Ring, etc.). They seamlessly weave between moments of pensive melancholy (see: “Animal”) that make you seriously reconsider major life decisions, with points of upbeat hip-hop elements that all of sudden make you want to dance instead (see: “Tumbling Lights”). It’s confusing. I’m confused. I need an adult. Stream The Acid EP below.

P.S. I am Jon Snow.

Annnnnnnnnnd its Friday. And apparently it’s August already? Better grab a beer and enjoy summer while its still around. Here’s your playlist for the weekend featuring Gorilla Warefare Tactics, Atlas Genius, The Chainsmokers, Olu, Panama Wedding, The Royal Concept, St. Lucia, CSS, RAC, Icona PopTruls and Avan Lava. Happy Weekend, make some stories.



A couple honorable mentions that made it to the playlist. “All of the People” by Panama Wedding was released last week and it’s a jam. A bright synth pop song that summers are made on.


And then there’s “It’s Never Over” by Avan Lava. Try not to dance.