New Noise: Eddie Gomez

Introducing Eddie Gomez. Originally from Oregon, he’s currently working the grind and making moves in L.A.. He recently released his single “Someday” in anticipation of his first EP expected to drop late August. Gomez doesn’t sound like anything you’d expect to hear out of L.A. though. The son of two travelling folk dancers, he’s clearly stuck to his roots. In “Someday” you’ll find a foundation of old American blues. Gritty and soulful vocals. Raw instrumentals. Pounding percussion. It’s something you’d hear out behind a coal mine; a few people jamming with a couple guitars and a 50 gallon drum (that’s a thing at coal mines, right?). That foundation married with a discreet dash of modern electronic ingredients makes for a refreshing offering from the newcomer. Stream or download (fo’ freeee) “Someday” below.

Note: This song is best served with whisky. You know, a drink that a coal miner would want. Straight forward, honest, something that says, “I work in a hole.”

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