Living Like an Astronaut

Joel Compass is just so smooth. He’s yet another gem in the stream of talent coming out of the UK in the electronic/R&B/hip-hop world (read: James Blake, the xx, astronomyy, etc.).  A producer by trade, its hard to believe that the man has only been singing for a little over a year now. Word is he laid down some vocals on a track that he wasn’t able to find a singer for and things have taken off from there. “Astronaut” shows that Compass is able to harness the best of both worlds. His adept musicality in the production end of the spectrum is on display from the onset, juxtaposing an airy (almost eerie) melody with the backdrop of a smooth and grounded R&B beat. Couple that with his surprisingly developed and rich falsetto, and you’ve got gold. No, more like pure silk. Golden silk. Yeah, we’ll go with that. Stream “Astronaut” below, which was released in anticipation for the new EP coming out September 2nd.


Check out the rest of Joel’s stuff here.


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