What to Watch This Summer

Dexter, Season 8 (Showtime)

Dexter Season 8

It’s been a long road for everyone’s favorite serial killer, but we’ve finally reached the end. This summer brings the final season of Dexter. After last season ended in the surprising (but welcomed) death of a major character, it’ll be interesting to see where this season will take Dexter.

We’re already three episodes in, and it seems like the primary story will focus on the rocky relationship between Dexter and Deb. I personally think the series finale will end with the death of either one of them. I don’t think they’ll both be sailing off into the sunset on the Slice of Life.  The writers have quickly introduced a new character from Dexter’s past who conveniently already knows a ton of information about him. We’ll see how that plays out. There’s also the loose end of Hannah McKay.  

The Killing, Season 3 (AMC)

The Killing Season 3

It’s a rare thing when a TV series can successfully reinvent itself. For two seasons, AMC’s The Killing dragged out a single murder mystery and risked losing my attention span. Thanks to Netflix, I was able to cruise through the two seasons within a week or two. If I was forced to wait two years to see the outcome, I doubt I would have stayed with the show. But, now that the Rosie Larsen murder case has been resolved, the show now has the freedom to explore new territory.

Linden and Holder are still the most interesting part of the show, but the addition of a death-row subplot creates an extra level of suspense and urgency. This season also trades in the old hat political drama for an interesting look into the secret lives of homeless teenagers. Some of the most compelling scenes take place between Holder and Bullet, a street girl in search of her missing friend.   

Orange Is the New Black, Season 1 (Netflix)

Orange is the New Black Season 1

Ever since Netflix released their first original series House of Cards, I have eagerly awaiting the streaming site’s next hit. Well, Netflix has proven themselves once again. Orange is the New Black is the latest creation from Weeds show-runner Jenji Kohan. Keeping alive the same sense of dark humor, Orange follows Piper Chapman as she navigates the complexities of a female prison.

The show is full of uncomfortable moments which help to illuminate day to day prison life. What surprised me most is how well-rounded each supporting character is. Like Lost, each episode focuses on a different inmate and shows us their backstory through a series of flashbacks. We see everyone’s secret motivations and develop a full understanding of why and how the prison politics operate. So far I’m four episodes deep, but I already can’t wait until season two is released next year. Hopefully this starts a new wave of quality streaming content.


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