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Introducing Eddie Gomez. Originally from Oregon, he’s currently working the grind and making moves in L.A.. He recently released his single “Someday” in anticipation of his first EP expected to drop late August. Gomez doesn’t sound like anything you’d expect to hear out of L.A. though. The son of two travelling folk dancers, he’s clearly stuck to his roots. In “Someday” you’ll find a foundation of old American blues. Gritty and soulful vocals. Raw instrumentals. Pounding percussion. It’s something you’d hear out behind a coal mine; a few people jamming with a couple guitars and a 50 gallon drum (that’s a thing at coal mines, right?). That foundation married with a discreet dash of modern electronic ingredients makes for a refreshing offering from the newcomer. Stream or download (fo’ freeee) “Someday” below.

Note: This song is best served with whisky. You know, a drink that a coal miner would want. Straight forward, honest, something that says, “I work in a hole.”


Joel Compass is just so smooth. He’s yet another gem in the stream of talent coming out of the UK in the electronic/R&B/hip-hop world (read: James Blake, the xx, astronomyy, etc.).  A producer by trade, its hard to believe that the man has only been singing for a little over a year now. Word is he laid down some vocals on a track that he wasn’t able to find a singer for and things have taken off from there. “Astronaut” shows that Compass is able to harness the best of both worlds. His adept musicality in the production end of the spectrum is on display from the onset, juxtaposing an airy (almost eerie) melody with the backdrop of a smooth and grounded R&B beat. Couple that with his surprisingly developed and rich falsetto, and you’ve got gold. No, more like pure silk. Golden silk. Yeah, we’ll go with that. Stream “Astronaut” below, which was released in anticipation for the new EP coming out September 2nd.


Check out the rest of Joel’s stuff here.

It’s Friday afternoon. I’m ready for the weekend so here’s a great mix of some songs that have been featured on the blog, some that I’ve been listening to non-stop and some that may be featured soon. Happy weekend everyone, make some stories.

Featuring: Chris Malinchak, Smallpools, Naughty Boy, RAC, Chance the Rapper, NICITA, The Knocks, Saturday Monday and HOW SAD.

So, you’re probably sitting there thinking to yourself, “Gee whiz, it’s almost August. I still haven’t found a song to listen to for the rest of the summer.” NAILED IT. “Over & Over” is the most recent single off of Smallpools brand new EP and has everything that you could ever want in a summery pop anthem. A driving beat, electric pop guitar licks, bright synth overtones, all capped off with the catchiest “sing-a-long-ish” chorus I’ve heard in a long time. It’s as if Passion Pit met Phoenix and Vampire Weekend at a pool party, had an orgy in the shed, and made their own glorious royal baby. Turn your stereo up, roll the windows down, and start singing this one shamelessly at the top of your lungs. Stream “Over & Over” below. Happy Summer.


There may or may not have been an intentional use of an oxford comma in a sentence about Vampire Weekend. Clever, right?


Check out the rest of Smallpools’ new self-titled EP that dropped this past week on iTunes and Spotify. Or just stream it below.

Dexter, Season 8 (Showtime)

Dexter Season 8

It’s been a long road for everyone’s favorite serial killer, but we’ve finally reached the end. This summer brings the final season of Dexter. After last season ended in the surprising (but welcomed) death of a major character, it’ll be interesting to see where this season will take Dexter.

We’re already three episodes in, and it seems like the primary story will focus on the rocky relationship between Dexter and Deb. I personally think the series finale will end with the death of either one of them. I don’t think they’ll both be sailing off into the sunset on the Slice of Life.  The writers have quickly introduced a new character from Dexter’s past who conveniently already knows a ton of information about him. We’ll see how that plays out. There’s also the loose end of Hannah McKay.  

The Killing, Season 3 (AMC)

The Killing Season 3

It’s a rare thing when a TV series can successfully reinvent itself. For two seasons, AMC’s The Killing dragged out a single murder mystery and risked losing my attention span. Thanks to Netflix, I was able to cruise through the two seasons within a week or two. If I was forced to wait two years to see the outcome, I doubt I would have stayed with the show. But, now that the Rosie Larsen murder case has been resolved, the show now has the freedom to explore new territory.

Linden and Holder are still the most interesting part of the show, but the addition of a death-row subplot creates an extra level of suspense and urgency. This season also trades in the old hat political drama for an interesting look into the secret lives of homeless teenagers. Some of the most compelling scenes take place between Holder and Bullet, a street girl in search of her missing friend.   

Orange Is the New Black, Season 1 (Netflix)

Orange is the New Black Season 1

Ever since Netflix released their first original series House of Cards, I have eagerly awaiting the streaming site’s next hit. Well, Netflix has proven themselves once again. Orange is the New Black is the latest creation from Weeds show-runner Jenji Kohan. Keeping alive the same sense of dark humor, Orange follows Piper Chapman as she navigates the complexities of a female prison.

The show is full of uncomfortable moments which help to illuminate day to day prison life. What surprised me most is how well-rounded each supporting character is. Like Lost, each episode focuses on a different inmate and shows us their backstory through a series of flashbacks. We see everyone’s secret motivations and develop a full understanding of why and how the prison politics operate. So far I’m four episodes deep, but I already can’t wait until season two is released next year. Hopefully this starts a new wave of quality streaming content.

There’s not much out there about astronomyy. Not even really sure what his name is. According to his twitter it could be Arron? His tumblr suggests he’s from Worcestershire, England? I really couldn’t care less because as soon as I press play for one of his tracks everything else goes out the window. The only description he seems to offer of himself is “songsmith” and of his music, “space guitar.” Though he’s only released two tracks, “songsmith” could not be more fitting. He is quickly becoming a master of his craft, artfully forging his material. As far as his style, “space guitar” is equally accurate. He takes a modern minimalist approach, primarily using and building upon mesmerizing ambient and aloof guitar riffs. Like any great minimalist, astronomyy understands that silence is a powerful tool, building a sense of anticipation and anxiety that is eventually resolved by the introduction of a solid beat (see Don’t Need U 00:35-00:42 and also to a certain degree from 4:13-4:50). The laid back R&B beats and incredibly smooth vocals that he layers over the ethereal foundation take his music from the celestial and bring it down to earth. The contrast is almost too good. Stream both of his tracks, Don’t Need U and Things I’d Do For U, below. And enjoy listening to astronomyy for the rest of the day.

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Allow me to introduce myself. I’m not all that exciting. Like a lot of you out there I’m a desk rat, stuck behind a computer upwards of 8 hours a day. So to keep my sanity and to avoid the monotony in the office that would drive most people to throw themselves off a cliff; I turn to music. New music (new-ish at least; I don’t pretend to be a trailblazer while I’m here sitting at my desk) to be more exact. So join me in my search for new music and keep the boredom away. I’ll be posting songs that may or may not only interest me, but be warned; there will be no rhyme or reason to my selections. No artist, style, or genre will be off limits. If I like it, I’ll blog it and hopefully along the way some of you will find a new go to song or artist. And now on to some music…

I first heard Lorde (stage name of Ella Yellich-O’Connor) early last year when a friend sent me the song Royals off of the New Zealander’s EP The Love Club. I immediately fell in love – this girl is so insanely talented its not even funny. Since then, Lorde has made tons of noise in the music blogging community and is starting to make more of a splash in the mainstream world (you may notice Royals in the Top 100 tracks on Spotify). The girl is going to be big and its going to happen soon. The combination of her mature/sultry vocal color and the youthful, often playful way she flirts with rhythm is an immediate draw. She’s not just a pretty voice though. Listening to the rest of her material it’s clear that she has extreme talent in the production side of the music she is creating. Raw percussive elements dominant and energize each and every one of her tracks. Intricate and hypnotizing harmonies are woven throughout. Lucky for me, the release of two more songs last month just keeps fueling my unyielding addiction for this artist. Watch the video for Royals or stream it below. But seriously, after you’re done with that, listen to everything that’s ever come out of her mouth and has been recorded. You won’t regret it.


This girl is sixteen. Sixteen. What have you done with your life?

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