Dr. Acula @ Webster Theater 1/19/12

Last night, 1/19/12 I went to see Dr. Acula, a Long Island based deathcore band at the Webster Theater in Hartford.  If any of you know me well at all or hang out with me, then you’ll know that I can’t seem to stop talking about Dr. Acula and they are the only music that ever plays in my car unless someone else takes control of the stereo.

This was the group’s second to last show before they make their way into Canada to begin their “Deal With Hell” tour.  Also billed on this tour are the groups Alcatraz 1962 and Legion.  The group of people that I went with were overly excited for this particular show because in March, my band, Apostasy, is going to open for Dr. Acula when their tour comes to a close in Poughkeepsie, NY; so we really wanted to get a feel for what a Dr. Acula show was all about.

Once I arrived, I scanned the merch booth for what I was going to spend all of my money on later in the night and quickly made my way to the bar for the opening acts.  There are several windows in the bar next to the Webster Underground so you can still see and hear the bands who are performing while you are drinking and trying not to get hit in the face from the rowdy kids watching their friends play.  During these opening acts I was scanning around the area for members of Dr. Acula getting excited like a little kid in a candy store whenever I would see one of them and point the member out to all of my friends.  Bill Graffeo, guitarist and last remaining original member from the early days of the band saw me wearing a Dr. Acula hat at the bar and came over to chat with me and my friends.  We had a good conversation about music, entering the studio, guitar tone, Red Bull, and that my band will be able to join them on their tour in just under two months.  He left and came back again an hour or so later to rejoin us; this really meant a lot to me and showed how real they are and care about their fans.

The time finally came for Dr. Acula’s set to begin and they came out to the Breakfast Machine song from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure. The group is really known for comedic samples and things like this so I found it very fitting.  This introduction carried into “Party 2.0” which also features samples from Pee-Wee Herman movies.  The second song of the set was “Fire Crotch (The Venereal Van Ride)” which is about women who tend to screw men over.  The group features two lead vocalists and whenever one of them was not singing they would put the microphone in front of me and my friends to drunkenly yell all of the words.  This created a very fun environment with everyone jumping over my back to shout out whatever words they knew.  They also played “Slampig”, a song about women whom they think very little of, “Welcome to Camp Nightmare” which is a nod to older Dr. Acula songs with titles taken from Goosebumps books (when the group first formed, all of their songs had Goosebumps titles), and  “Cocaine Avalanche” which doesn’t really need much of an explanation.  I hassled the band much of the night to play some old songs and their second to last song was my favorite by the group, “Shocker on Shock Street” from their first album. The last song of the night was, as to be expected, their big single  “Who You Gonna Call?!” and did not disappoint.

The set was much shorter than we had all hoped because it was snowing pretty badly at the time and they probably really wanted to get on the road. Overall it was one of the most fun shows I had ever been to.  As my friends and I had discussed prior to their set, it seemed to be a rarity for us to see a band in concert during our peak interest in them. And if at all possible, it made me even more excited to have the opportunity to play with my favorite band in less than two months time.

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