What to look/listen for in 2012: Films

The following movies, television programs and music are already on my radar for 2012.  These aren’t any guesses as to what may happily surprise us this year, or any bold predictions regarding bands we’ve never heard of.  These are lists of things that I know I will enjoy, and/or for which I am otherwise and already on the lookout.  (Note: TV and music to follow).


Uncharacteristically, I am excited about two movies, set to be released in theaters in 2012.  I genuinely hope these are the only two movies I see this year.

The Hobbit

I am new to the Lord of Rings universe and fan club, having just read The Hobbit and the Fellowship of the Ring in 2011. (Footnote: I hope to have read the whole trilogy before I see The Hobbit movie).  Peter Jackson will be directing the film, as he did the trilogy, which begs a few questions.  First, why make The Hobbit after the trilogy, though it was written first and chronicles a journey before the time of the later books?  Second, in which order shall newcomers, such as me, see these films?  The answer to the first question is likely irrelevant, but the second is crucial.  Perhaps it’s intentional, and having seen the trilogy offers an enhanced watching of The Hobbit.  As with Star Wars, should it not matter?  Would anyone have made it to A New Hope had they first seen The Phantom Menace?  I’ll need until December to get my shit together.

Moonrise Kingdom

The combination of Bill Murray and Wes Anderson has become formulaic, though not in an overdone or cliché sense at all.  Moonrise Kingdom will be funny, and it should be no surprise to anyone who has seen their past workMurray is a regular in Anderson’s films, typically alongside a Wilson brother or two, but this flick only features other regular Jason Schwartzman.  Interestingly, the rest of the cast includes Frances McDormand, Bruce Willis and Edward Norton.  Set in small town New England, Murray and McDormand play the parents of a youngster who, along with her boy-toy, run away from home.  Willis is set to again reprise his role as John McClane… wait, no, that can’t be right.

  1. Plato said:

    No Dark Knight Rises. Very surprising

    • jgangi88 said:

      Adam has very discriminating taste when it comes to movies.

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