Music of 2011 (LPs only)

Yes please!

I didn’t find myself buying as many new albums this year as I have in recent years, though that is not to say that 2011 didn’t offer its share of great new music.  The following are my favorite releases from the past year:

Yuck, Yuck

-This London band’s debut draws easy and favorable comparisons to groups such as Sonic Youth and Yo la Tengo.

Listen: “The Wall”

Beastie Boys, Hot Sauce Committee Part Two

-Ad-Rock, MCA and Mike D are old, but they still have the dopest beats.

Listen: “Make Some Noise”

CAKE, Showroom of Compassion

-The elements of CAKE; Jon McCrea’s bizarre vocal syncopations, trumpet, and vibraslap, create a distinct sound that may never lose its appeal.

Listen: “Sick of You”

Dub Trio, IV

-Dub Trio has an incredibly full sound for just three dudes.  It’s not studio trickery though, as these guys flawlessly pull off the reggae meets metal meets electronic sound live.

Listen: “Swarm”

Ben Folds, Best Imitation of Myself

-Although this is not an album of entirely new material, it contains much of the best music “released” in 2011.   Plus, a Ben Folds Five reunion cannot go unmentioned.

Listen: Ben Folds Five, “Tell Me What I Did”

No thanks!

I didn’t find myself buying as many new albums this year as I have in recent years, and that’s at least partially due to these stinkers.

Deer Tick, Divine Providence

-I really like their first few recordings, but “Let’s all go to the Bar” is the next despicable beer commercial.

Bon Iver, Bon Iver

-I don’t get it.

The Black Keys, El Camino

-If you like the raw blues-rock that this duo puts out, you may not like this album either.

The Weeknd, House of Balloons

-Despite all the hype, I can’t get excited about this album.  Good news though, that appears to be a breast on the album cover.  The album is free on The Weekend’s website, so (other than my opinion) you have no reason not to check it out for yourself.

Retort with your favorite/least favorite music of 2011.  Also, mark the calendar in your palm pilot for a new installment this time next year, as by then, presumably, we will have listened to another year’s worth of albums.

         -Bro Dimaggio


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